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Sooooooo!!!! This is the New website!!!!! … still trying to figure out how to build an actual website, so pleeeeaaaaase bare with me!!!! So far it has taken me 8 hours to make a home page….which is in actual fact an ‘About us’ page….which it totally shouldn’t be…..I fully have no idea how that happened, as I’m about to make an ‘About Us’ page….Or possibly give up, go find myself the box of chocolate fingers in the cupboard, go and sit in a corner to devour the lot whilst remembering I have in fact forgotten to go and pick my kids up….again! ……I’m an artist….not a technical computery person…..or a particularly good mother as it turns out!!!!

Ooooo….and look ^^ pretty kitty!! ….So i can apparently add pictures….Whoop…Go me!!

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